Fresh Business Thinking is the leading digital resource for business owners, directors and entrepreneurs that care. A platform where information-hungry and time-poor business decision makers can source information to help them run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

What We Do

Brought to you from the team behind the Great British Entrepreneur Awards – an Ideas Forums Ltd brand. 

We’re a friendly and diverse group of event organisers, journalists and community strategists with a wealth of experience in the business space within the United Kingdom. The Great British Entrepreneur Awards and Fresh Business Thinking provide business insights, educational resources, support and recognition to the country’s business ecosystem.

We produce high quality information, alongside virtual and physical events, for senior executives and professionals alike. Our content and conferences provide opportunities for business professionals to gain the latest insights, guidance and advice from; industry experts, thought-leaders, vendors and consultancies.

About Fresh Business Thinking

Launched in 2007, rapidly became one of the most visited sites for business owners and directors running small businesses.

It is now run by the organisers of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, which acknowledges the hard work and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs and businesses in the United Kingdom. It celebrates the incredible stories that have taken entrepreneurs to where they are today, regardless of size or turnover.

Central to the ethos of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards is being more than just ‘an awards ceremony’ – it’s a sense of communitya thriving ecosystem of support all year round, providing opportunities for winners and finalists to connect and showcase their business.