Cultivating Culinary Connections: Green Oranges founders Tapojoy Chatterjee and Indrani Saha are changing the landscape of Asian grocery shopping in the UK, earning recognition as finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023.

Tapojoy Chatterjee and Indrani Saha are the co-founders of Green Oranges, an ecommerce platform revolutionizing the way people in the UK shop for Asian groceries. Launched in April 2021, Green Oranges offers customers a one-stop shop for authentic groceries from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and beyond.

Tapojoy, who moved to the UK from India, was inspired to start the business after struggling to find high-quality Indian groceries. He saw an opportunity to meet the growing demand for exotic flavors by providing an accessible platform for purchasing authentic Asian ingredients. Along with his co-founder, Indrani, Tapojoy turned his passion for food and entrepreneurial spirit into Green Oranges.

In just two years, Green Oranges has achieved remarkable success. They were recently named Start Up of the Year 2023 for the Food and Drink category in the Midlands, cementing their status as a pioneering force in the UK’s food retail industry. However, Tapojoy and Indrani recognize the challenges of competing with major supermarkets and plan to expand Green Oranges’ physical presence. They aim to open multiple retail and delivery hubs across the UK over the next five years, enabling lower prices and faster delivery.

Green Oranges also has ambitious plans to become a wholesaler of imported niche products and launch their own brand of rice, spices, and lentils. Joint venture talks are already underway with major Indian companies. 

With their inspiring journey and trailblazing achievements, Tapojoy and Indrani have proven themselves as entrepreneurs to watch. As finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, the “Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” they are poised to take Green Oranges to even greater heights. To learn more about these inspiring entrepreneurs and their award-winning business, visit