Astrology meets technology as visionary entrepreneur Gavin Prime launches Inzodiac, the dating app using star sign compatibility to connect people and bring meaningful connections into the digital age.

Gavin Prime had a vision to help people find meaningful connections. During a coffee chat with a friend struggling in the dating scene, inspiration struck. His friend was tired of countless mismatched dates with people she had no compatibility with – especially in terms of their zodiac signs. Gavin realized there was an opportunity to develop an innovative dating app using astrology to help people find better matches.

In 2020, Gavin founded Inzodiac, an app using star sign compatibility to bring people together for dating, friendship and even business. Despite facing significant challenges in the early days of the pandemic, including health issues and loss of resources, Gavin persevered. His hard work and vision paid off, earning Inzodiac a nomination in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, recognition of its inspiring journey.

With an ambitious growth plan, Gavin is on course to launch Inzodiac in the UK this August, expanding throughout 2023. The goal is for Inzodiac to become the leader in star sign compatibility, helping to reconnect people through the stars. Gavin’s vision, determination, and care for helping others find meaningful connections make him a standout entrepreneur and finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023.

Dubbed “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” the awards take place November 20th in London. To learn more about Prime and his star-powered dating app, visit With Inzodiac, the stars just might align for you.