Join Mark Flanagan on a journey of relentless dedication to advancing safety as he and Shield Safety Group, finalists at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, redefine health and safety standards in the UK.

Mark Flanagan, CEO of Shield Safety Group, is a pioneer in advancing health and safety standards. His passion for creating a safer world led him to found Shield Safety Group in 2003, which has since become the UK’s largest employer of environmental health practitioners.

Over the past two decades, Flanagan has built Shield Safety Group into a trailblazing consultancy, leveraging innovation and expertise to mitigate risk for thousands of businesses across the UK. The company’s award-winning risk management software, RiskProof, has revolutionized the industry by digitizing compliance and audits, saving clients time, money and reducing their environmental impact. 

Under Flanagan’s leadership, Shield Safety Group has achieved several major milestones, including delivering over 50 million compliance checklists and 100,000 audits to support 6,000 businesses. RiskProof alone has saved enough paper to circle the world 10 times. This year, Shield Safety Group was appointed as the first Certification Partner for Safe to Trade®, setting the standard for food hygiene and safety. They were also the first UK consultancy to have a Primary Authority partnership with a local authority.

Looking ahead, Flanagan envisions Shield Safety Group continuing to shape the future of health and safety. “We don’t stand still, we’re leaders and committed to shaping the future,” he said. Their goal is simple but ambitious: “relentlessly advancing safety.” 

Flanagan’s inspiring journey as an entrepreneur and Shield Safety Group’s revolutionary impact have earned them a spot as finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023. Dubbed “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” the awards will be held in London on November 20th. 

To learn more about Mark Flanagan and Shield Safety Group’s vision for a safer future, visit Shield Safety Group. Through expertise, innovation and passion, they are creating a world where businesses can thrive and people are protected.