THRIVE’s trailblazing founder, Sean Reddington, is revolutionizing the learning landscape with his visionary approach, propelling the company to unprecedented success and recognition as finalists in the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023.

Sean Reddington founded THRIVE, the industry’s fastest-growing learning technology company, in 2019 with a vision to build a modern learning experience from the ground up. Headquartered in Nottinghamshire with a global presence, THRIVE has replaced hundreds of traditional learning management systems and grown its customer base to over 320 brands, including Vodafone, Matalan, Sky, British Airways, and Volvo.

Reddington brought together a group of passionate learning professionals who recognised an opportunity to provide organizations with an all-in-one learning platform. “We decided to rewrite the rule book. Doing things differently is in our DNA, and we saw an opportunity to build a truly modern learning experience completely from scratch,” said Reddington.

In just five years, THRIVE has achieved monumental success and transformed the learning landscape. The company has a 99% customer renewal rate and satisfaction score. Customer referrals make up a third of revenue. THRIVE also exceeds service level agreements, with a 99% first response rate. When comparing THRIVE to competitors, 91%+ of customers rate them higher. 

THRIVE’s accomplishments have been recognized with two Business Brilliance Awards for Customer Service and CEO of the Year. Looking ahead, Reddington aims to maintain THRIVE’s first-class customer experience and growth, especially in the US and with even more enterprise organisations. 

Reddington’s vision and leadership have built one of the fastest-growing learning technology companies that is transforming how people learn at work around the world.

As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, known as “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” Reddington and THRIVE have proven themselves as innovators rewriting the rules. To learn more about Reddington and THRIVE’s inspiring story, visit