Meet Rob Dance, the visionary leader behind ROCK, revolutionising business for the digital age, helping with strategic tech solutions and a commitment to positive impact.

Rob Dance and his pioneering technology firm ROCK are transforming companies for the digital age. Established in 2008, Rob foresaw technology shaping the future of business and launched ROCK to help companies adapt.

Now, 15 years later, Rob and his team of 300 have completed over 10,000 tech projects for household names, achieving an incredible 99.2% client retention rate.  

ROCK provides strategic tech solutions spanning automation, data, digital experiences, infrastructure, and cybersecurity. Unlike competitors offering ad-hoc services, ROCK provides unlimited tech support for a fixed monthly fee, enabling clients to cut costs, improve services, and embrace the cloud.  

Rob started ROCK amid the 2008 financial crisis, determined to create opportunities and help communities. Selling his car to fund the company, Rob built ROCK into one of the UK’s leading tech consultancies, winning multiple “Best Place to Work” awards. Rob says, “We help companies seize opportunities in tech, driving value and easing the burden of change.”

Under Rob’s leadership, ROCK achieved remarkable growth, increasing profits tenfold during COVID-19. Rob invested over £1 million in AI and automation, significantly reducing costs and accelerating growth. ROCK’s AI focus and “Pioneer. Partner. Progress.” model fuelled a 30% revenue increase and 32% staff increase, with average 17.77% salary hikes supporting staff through the cost-of-living crisis.

ROCK completed 5 million support queries and 10,000 projects, achieving a 99.2% client renewal rate. Dedication to staff earned ROCK three “Best Place to Work” awards. Looking ahead, Rob aims to reach $20M revenue in two years, allocating 10% of profits to charities. Central to success is ROCK’s unique culture, attracting top talent to build a 300-strong team. 

ROCK’s mission goes beyond clients; Rob aims to positively impact society and the environment. More growth means more charity work, supporting groups like SpecialEffect. With a grand vision, Rob will continue focusing on growth, people, culture, and giving back.

Rob Dance and ROCK are finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, the “Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” on November 20th. Learn more about this visionary leader and pioneering tech firm at Rock.