Roller Girl Gang: Where the wheels of passion, community, and empowerment converge; the inspiring journey of founder Melissa Blackwood takes center stage as they roll into the finals of the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Melissa Blackwood founded Roller Girl Gang in 2018 with a vision to bring people together through the power and joy of roller skating. Opening their first bricks and mortar shop in London just days before the second national lockdown in 2020, Melissa and her team have weathered the storms of both the roller skate boom and cost of living crisis to build a thriving community hub.

Roller Girl Gang was born from Melissa’s desire to make roller skating both more visible and accessible. “We wanted to bring people together, to feel the power and joy of roller skating,” she says. Their shop and skate sessions have done just that, uniting new skaters and seasoned pros alike.

Despite the challenges of the last few years, Melissa remains focused on growth and empowering more people to find their joy on wheels. “I’m incredibly proud that we are still trading, now with four part-time staff to help run the business,” she says. Her biggest dream is to open a dedicated roller rink, uniting the shop and community under one roof with space for skate sessions and events.

As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, the ‘Grammys of Entrepreneurship’, Melissa and the Roller Girl Gang team are poised to spread their message of empowerment through skating to new heights. Their story is one of perseverance, community, and staying true to your vision. To learn more about these inspiring entrepreneurs and join their joyful revolution, visit Roller Girl Gang