Running towards a world where personalized coaching empowers every stride – Meet Dom Maskell and Ben Parker, the dynamic duo behind Runna, an app reshaping the running experience.

Dom Maskell and Ben Parker are on a mission to make personalised running coaching accessible to all with their app Runna. Launched in 2021, Runna provides tailored training plans for runners of all abilities looking to achieve their first 5k, improve their marathon time or anything in between.

Dom, a keen runner himself, recognised the challenges everyday runners face in getting tailored guidance to meet their individual needs and partnered with running coach Parker to find a solution. Their vision was to create an easy way for runners to get personalised coaching and training schedules to help them achieve their goals.

Just 16 months after launching, Runna has tens of thousands of subscribers around the world and recently raised £3 million in funding to support their ambitious growth plans. Maskell and Parker have their sights set on making Runna the number one running coaching app globally.

Their biggest achievement to date has been the ability to positively impact so many runners lives in such a short space of time. Runna members have smashed personal bests, completed first marathons and made new friends along the way.

Dom and Ben are finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, the UK’s most prestigious entrepreneurship awards. The awards, known as “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship”, take place in London on November 20th.

To learn more about Runna and keep up with Maskell and Parker’s inspiring journey, visit The future is bright for these running entrepreneurs on a mission to make a difference.