Meet Samuel Marriott-Dowding, the tenacious founder of Marriott Communications, a creative agency that triumphed over challenges, expanded globally, and now stands as a finalist in the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023.

Samuel Marriott-Dowding is the founder of Marriott Communications, a full-service, integrated creative and communications agency based in Sunderland, England. Marriott Communications was incorporated in 2022, though the journey to get there was far from straightforward.

founder of Marriott Communications Samuel Marriott-Dowding

After graduating from the University of Groningen in 2019, Marriott-Dowding struggled to find work, applying for over 200 jobs to no avail. However, volunteering with Inspiring Scotland, a third sector venture capitalist, proved pivotal. Working with charities reignited Marriott-Dowding’s passion for marketing and communications. He had an epiphany: rather than work to achieve someone else’s dreams, why not pursue his own? Marriott Communications was born.

The agency enjoyed early success in Scotland, working with charities and in politics. However, moving the business from Scotland to England brought challenges, forcing Marriott-Dowding to dissolve and reincorporate the company. Though difficult, the experience proved invaluable. “You can only learn by doing and trying,” he says.

Marriott Communications has gone from strength to strength. They have worked with over 24 clients across sectors, run campaigns reaching 15 million people, and expanded into France and the U.S. Diversifying services to offer affordable support for start-ups and charities during the cost of living crisis has been crucial. “We always rise to whatever challenge life throws at us,” says Marriott-Dowding.

Looking ahead, Marriott Communications aims to develop crisis communications services, publish how-to guides, and open a lifestyle PR agency, enabling the company to focus solely on politics. Marriott-Dowding’s vision is clear: “to provide impactful storytelling through the provocation and manipulation of emotions.”

With ambition, tenacity and a commitment to constant learning and diversification, Marriott-Dowding and Marriott Communications have achieved phenomenal success. They are finalists at the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, the “Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” a fitting recognition of how far they have come. To discover more about this inspiring entrepreneurial journey, visit Marriott Communications.