Revolutionizing Global Healthcare: Join the Journey of Medtrade, a Pioneering Biotechnology Company on a Mission to Save Lives Through Innovation.

Established in 1999 and now headed by CEO Russ Mably, Medtrade is a pioneering biotechnology company on a mission to transform global healthcare. Headquartered in Crewe, UK, Medtrade develops and delivers groundbreaking medical solutions across women’s health, wound care, trauma and haemostasis sectors.

The team at Medtrade were inspired to develop the CELOX technology after witnessing the devastation caused by uncontrollable bleeding across the world. The team made it their purpose to stop bleeding and save lives. In just over two decades, Medtrade has become an industry leader, managing the entire product development process through to commercialisation. Medtrade’s success is fuelled by a dedication to innovation and a specialist team focused on addressing major healthcare challenges like biofilms, wound treatment, infection prevention and bleeding control.

One of Medtrade’s biggest achievements to date has been delivering over one million CELOX haemostatic products to frontline medics in Ukraine, helping save countless lives. Mably now looks to the future and implementing Medtrade’s new CELOX PPH technology worldwide to reduce maternal mortality during childbirth.

Through vision, determination and a desire to make a difference, Russ Mably, alongside a highlight dedicated team have built Medtrade into an award-winning, life-saving business. As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, the ‘Grammys of Entrepreneurship’, Mably and his team at Medtrade have proven themselves as leaders in biotechnology and a force for good.

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