Sedo, the online domain specialist, confirms the sale of the world’s most lucrative domain name,, for a record $13 million.

by Claire West

The sale enters the record books as one of the web’s most famous sites, and now ranks as commanding the single highest recorded price paid for a domain name not just in 2010, but of all time.

The sale of was brokered by Sedo’s senior domain broker who conducted a buyer search on behalf of Escom in accordance with an order issued by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California. The process was finalised more quickly than usually expected for a high quality domain name, with the sale taking just three months to complete as opposed to the average of a year.

Nora Nanayakkara, business development director at Sedo, comments, “Domain names of this value rarely become available and we are delighted to have been involved in this historic event.”.

Escom acquired the domain in 2006 for a then record $11.5 million. Sedo’s recent $13 million sale of now holds the record as the highest value domain sale to date, which further demonstrates the continued demand for premium domains and the appreciating value of