Dive into the captivating journey of Abdul Thadha, the visionary founder behind Books2Door, as he builds an empire of imagination through affordable and diverse children’s books.

Abdul Thadha founded Books2Door in 2004 with a vision to create an inclusive book retailer that sparks children’s imagination through reading. Today, Books2Door is the UK’s largest independent online children’s book retailer, delivering over 2 million books annually and employing a team of book-loving staff.

Thadha’s journey began with a passion for children’s literature and a determination to make books accessible to all. He started Books2Door from his living room, building the business through hard work and perseverance. Under Thadha’s leadership, Books2Door has achieved year-on-year growth, with sales increasing by 25% in 2021. The company has an ambitious target to expand by a further 25% in 2023.

Thadha believes reading opens young minds to new worlds and ideas. His mission is to encourage children to read for pleasure through an affordable, diverse range of books. Over the years, Thadha and his team have curated a catalogue of over 100,000 titles, including award-winning and under-represented authors.

Looking to the future, Thadha aims to cement Books2Door as the nation’s top children’s book retailer. His dedication, vision and belief in the power of stories have built an inspirational British business.

As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Thadha and the Books2Door team are recognised as leaders in their field. To discover more about this entrepreneur and his extraordinary company, visit books2door.com.