Meet the founders of BullyBillows, finalists at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, who are revolutionizing the global canine accessory market with their high-quality, stylish products and ambitious tech-enabled innovations.

Anthony Koumi and Benjamin Billows are the masterminds behind BullyBillows, a globally renowned canine accessory brand that is redefining the market. Founded in 2017, BullyBillows creates durable yet fashionable products for everyday dog owners and professional trainers alike.  

As lifelong dog lovers, Koumi and Billows grew tired of low-quality products that would break within weeks. They saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market with high-quality, stylish accessories built to last. Their vision and hard work have paid off in spades.

In just five years, BullyBillows has expanded into a worldwide operation. They now own a fulfillment warehouse in the Czech Republic and a distribution center in South Korea, allowing them to serve customers across Europe and Asia. Their meteoric rise earned them a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2022, and they have collected multiple industry awards along the way.

Koumi and Billows show no signs of slowing down. By 2025, they aim to open another U.S. distribution center and launch a revolutionary tech-enabled dog collar, which would be the first of its kind. Their ambition and innovation have built BullyBillows into a global powerhouse that is transforming the canine accessory market.   

As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Koumi and Billows have earned their place among the UK’s most influential business leaders. The “Grammys of Entrepreneurship” will be held on November 20th at London’s Grosvenor House.

To learn more about these inspiring entrepreneurs and their award-winning company, visit BullyBillows.