Revolutionizing Intimacy: Meet the Founder behind MysteryVibe, Pioneering Medical Devices for Sexual Health

Soumyadip Rakshit is the visionary founder behind MysteryVibe, an award-winning world leader in medical devices for sexual health. In 2014, Rakshit started MysteryVibe with a mission to help couples reconnect intimately after life’s challenges like childbirth, menopause or illness.

Through years of research and development, MysteryVibe has created clinically-proven, FDA Class 2 medical devices that adapt to a user’s body and deliver targeted vibrations. These devices have been life-changing for over 100,000 customers, helping to alleviate conditions like genito-pelvic pain, penetration pain, arousal disorder and erectile dysfunction. MysteryVibe’s devices are recommended by leading doctors and have been proven effective in clinical studies, with a recent trial showing a five-fold improvement in genito-pelvic pain within just 12 weeks of use.

With this success, MysteryVibe has its sights set on helping even more people. Rakshit says the company’s next focus is on developing a discreet wearable device to provide relief from period pain, with the product launching next year.

Rakshit’s vision and perseverance in building a company that improves lives in such an intimate way is truly inspiring. MysteryVibe’s innovative products have already brought intimacy back to so many couples, and the future looks bright as the company expands into new areas of sexual wellness and beyond.

MysteryVibe’s achievements have not gone unnoticed, with Rakshit selected as a finalist for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, known as “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship”. The awards ceremony will be held at London’s Grosvenor House on November 20th.

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