Embarking on a visionary quest to reshape the recruitment landscape, John Lugsden’s Rogers Mchugh Recruitment emerges as a beacon of hope, putting people at the forefront, making a difference, and redefining success in the heart of the industry.

John Lugsden founded Rogers Mchugh Recruitment in 2020 with a vision to build a recruitment agency that puts people first. After a decade gaining experience in the industry, John believed there was a better way to operate that benefitted consultants, clients and communities alike.

Two years on and Rogers Mchugh Recruitment has supported over 100 clients in finding the talent they need. This meteoric rise demonstrates the agency is delivering on its promise to be a true partner to its clients, rather than just another part of the supply chain. By taking a proactive, long-term approach to hiring, Rogers Mchugh Recruitment is able to provide solutions to problems before they even arise.

The company also puts its money where its mouth is by donating a share of profits to charities and good causes in the local area. Giving back to the community is a source of great pride for John and his team.

Looking ahead, the future is bright for Rogers Mchugh Recruitment. With ambitious growth targets to reach £100m in turnover and open new offices across the UK, the coming years promise to be an exciting time. However, John is determined not to lose sight of what really matters: supporting his team, delivering for clients and making a positive impact.

As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, John Lugsden and Rogers Mchugh Recruitment have proven themselves as one of Britain’s most inspiring entrepreneurial stories. To discover more about this recruitment agency with heart, visit rogersmchugh.co.uk.