Dhaval Patel and Oliver Carson’s transformative journey with Universal Partners, from pioneering cross-border payments to becoming trusted experts, lands them as finalists in the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, setting new standards in the payments industry.

Dhaval Patel and Oliver Carson are the ambitious co-founders behind Universal Partners, a cross-border payments and risk management firm based in London. Established in 2017, Universal Partners has quickly become the go-to place for international payments for corporates. Their consultative and pro-active approach focuses on understanding their clients’ objectives, challenges and opportunities to provide tailored solutions. This customer-centric strategy, combined with leading technology and operational agility, has allowed Universal Partners to achieve their goal of becoming Britain’s most revered payments company.

In just five years, Universal Partners has recorded an impressive turnover of £1.3 billion, earning them the prestigious title of ‘Most Trusted Broker’ at the 2022 Pan Finance Awards. Their innovative spirit and commitment to scalability has fueled expansion into new service offerings, including trade and invoice financing. Universal Partners also has ambitious plans to open their first international office in 2024, allowing them to provide their trusted expertise to European markets.

The inspiring story of Universal Partners is one of vision, dedication and a desire to transform the payments industry. Co-founders Dhaval Patel and Oliver Carson have built a reputable brand and are well on their way to becoming Britain’s leading payments experts. As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Patel and Carson are recognized among the nation’s brightest business leaders.

To learn more about Dhaval Patel, Oliver Carson and their inspiring journey to success with Universal Partners, visit www.universalpartners.com.