Navigating uncharted waters, Khalid Talukder and Dominic Duru propel emerging economies into prosperity with DKK Partners, a fintech revolution fusing technology and financial inclusion, poised to reshape global markets.

Khalid Talukder and Dominic Duru are two entrepreneurs on a mission to empower emerging markets through technology and financial access. In 2020, they founded DKK Partners, a foreign exchange brokerage providing real-time pricing and execution across emerging market currencies.

DKK was born from a shared vision to tackle the barriers that have long held back developing economies. With backgrounds in emerging markets finance, Talukder and Duru had lived the struggles of limited access to services and infrastructure. They founded DKK to provide a solution, hiring regional experts in each market to gain on-the-ground insights.

Their goal is simple but ambitious: enable emerging markets to thrive through first-class financial services. In just two years, DKK has expanded into West Africa, Central Africa, the Middle East and the UK, with plans to launch in 3-4 new countries next year. Revenue has grown 150% annually as DKK continues hiring industry leaders and upstarts alike to drive progress.

Achievements have come quickly. Talukder was inducted as a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Entrepreneurs, and both founders have spoken at summits in Parliament on regulation and fintech. But impact matters most. DKK supports social causes like Shelter, a UK charity fighting homelessness, and aims to spur economic growth in the communities it serves.

With the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards around the corner, Khalid Talukder is a finalist for this prestigious honor, known as the “Grammys of Entrepreneurship.” On November 20th, they’ll join the UK’s top entrepreneurs at London’s Grosvenor House to celebrate innovation and resilience.

Whatever the outcome, DKK Partners has unlocked access and empowered markets in a way that’s just beginning. To follow this journey and learn more about two visionaries transforming fintech, visit