YEET Aerospace, led by visionary Alasdair Aegerter, is soaring to new heights in aviation innovation, earning them a spot as finalists in the prestigious 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Alasdair Aegerter has always been fascinated by flight. As a child, he spent hours constructing model aircraft and dreaming of the day he might pilot his own plane. Now, Alasdair is the founder and CEO of YEET Aerospace, an innovative company designing advanced drones and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Launched in 2022, YEET Aerospace is already making waves in the aviation industry. Alasdair was inspired to start the company after recognizing the potential for drones and eVTOLs to reduce environmental impact and transform transportation. In just its first year, YEET Aerospace has built a groundbreaking new drone and has ambitious plans to equip it with cameras to monitor the environment and wildlife. Alasdair is looking forward to the day YEET Aerospace builds much larger eVTOLs that can carry passengers.

Under Alasdair’s leadership, YEET Aerospace is pushing the boundaries of flight and pioneering a sustainable future for aviation. For his vision and ingenuity, Alasdair has been named a finalist for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, known as “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship.” The awards ceremony will be held in London on November 20th. 

To learn more about Alasdair Aegerter and YEET Aerospace’s innovations, visit The sky is the limit for this entrepreneur and his aerospace company.