Meet Susan Purse and Sarah Simons, the visionary founders of British Baby Box, revolutionizing infant care and empowering new parents, now recognized as finalists at the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023.

Susan Purse and Sarah Simons are the inspiring founders behind British Baby Box, an innovative company providing essential items for newborn babies and their families across the UK. Established in 2015, British Baby Box was born from Purse and Simons’ desire to support new mothers in need. After witnessing the life-changing work of baby banks and charities helping disadvantaged families, the duo set out on a mission to give every baby the best start in life by providing a safe space for them to sleep.

In just a few short years, British Baby Box has achieved remarkable success and growth. Their proudest milestone to date has been collaborating with the Scottish Baby Box scheme to provide baby boxes for new mothers in Scotland. They now have their sights set on expanding across Britain, Wales and Ireland to help as many families as possible. 

Through passion, perseverance and a shared vision of empowering new parents, Purse and Simons have built British Baby Box into a thriving business that is revolutionizing infant care. While the future is filled with exciting opportunities for expansion, British Baby Box remains focused on its founding purpose: giving babies across the UK the safest and most supportive environment in those first precious months of life.

As finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, Purse and Simons are being recognized as leaders in entrepreneurship and social impact. To learn more about these inspiring founders and their important mission, visit British Baby Box is proof that with heart and determination, entrepreneurs can build successful businesses that change lives.