Pioneering entrepreneur Ruby Sweeney’s relentless drive and visionary leadership at The Events Hub have made her a finalist at the prestigious 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, where she’s celebrated for her unwavering commitment to creating memorable experiences and adapting to changing industry landscapes.

Ruby Sweeney is the formidable founder of award-winning events management company The Events Hub. Launched in 2011, Ruby’s vision was to create an organisation that not only designed memorable experiences for attendees but handled the entire process from start to finish, saving clients time, money and stress. 

A decade of experience in the events industry gave Ruby the expertise and confidence to start her own business. After a challenging role left her unfulfilled, Ruby took the plunge into entrepreneurship, determined to build something she could call her own. Her gamble paid off. Under Ruby’s leadership, The Events Hub has gone from strength to strength, delivering in-person, online and hybrid events around the world.

The Events Hub’s success is a testament to Ruby’s resilience and adaptability. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, decimating the events industry, Ruby refused to quit. Instead, she doubled down, finding new ways to serve clients through virtual events and collaboration. Her perseverance was rewarded with business growth and a string of entrepreneurship awards. 

Ruby’s vision for the future is to make The Events Hub’s offering even more seamless, sustainable and impactful. She aims to increase profits through strategic partnerships and outsourcing while maintaining the business’ owner-managed ethos. Ruby is also focused on continuous self-improvement to become the best leader and entrepreneur she can be. 

Under Ruby’s leadership, The Events Hub has empowered countless businesses to connect, learn and thrive. This unstoppable entrepreneur has overcome immense challenges to build something truly special, and her inspiring journey is why she is a finalist at the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards – the ‘Grammys’ of entrepreneurship. To learn more about this remarkable woman and her business, visit The Events Hub.