Meet Joydeep Mondal, the visionary founder behind MiToken Technology’s, a finalist at the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, and discover how he’s revolutionizing civic engagement for a more equitable and connected world.

Joydeep Mondal, founder of MiToken Technology, is spearheading a movement to reshape how communities connect and create change. His groundbreaking platform,, has redefined civic engagement, safeguarding civil liberties and amplifying voices to forge a more equitable future.

Fueled by a passion for innovation and empowerment, Joydeep launched MiToken Technology in 2022. His goal was simple yet revolutionary: to build a platform that transcends interaction and ignites real-world impact. The result was, a dynamic space where communities unite to drive social good.  

By centering conversations around voting, digital banking, and creative expression, has become a conduit for meaningful participation. The platform has garnered widespread recognition, winning a Digital Leader 100 People’s Choice Award and being named a finalist for Technology Entrepreneur of the Year at the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards. However, its true impact lies in the lives it has transformed and the change it has inspired.

Joydeep’s vision for the future is as bold and far-reaching as the platform he built. He aspires to make ubiquitous, fostering cross-cultural connections and championing causes like sustainability and human rights. He aims to empower youth through education, safeguard cultural heritage, and enable financial access for all. Joydeep also hopes to forge partnerships with leaders in government, business and beyond to amplify’s influence on a global scale. 

With a blueprint focused on connectivity, diversity and empowerment, MiToken Technology and are poised to ignite a movement that shapes generations. By lifting up voices, preserving identities, and driving progress, Joydeep Mondal has created a legacy of impact that propels us toward a better future. 

Joydeep Mondal and MiToken Technology have been named finalists for the Technology Entrepreneur of the Year award at the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards. Dubbed “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” the awards will be held in London on November 20th. To learn more about this visionary entrepreneur and the platform revolutionizing communities, visit MiToken.