Discover the journey of Anna and William Brightman, the visionary founders of UpCircle Beauty, leading the way in sustainable skincare.

Anna and William Brightman are the innovative founders behind UpCircle Beauty, the UK’s leading upcycled skincare brand. Dissatisfied with the status quo, the sibling entrepreneurs set out on a mission to prove that eco-friendly beauty is possible without compromising quality or affordability. 

In 2016, a casual observation sparked an idea that would evolve into their award-winning brand. Noticing that local cafes threw away waste coffee grounds, Anna and Will saw an opportunity. Recognizing coffee’s natural benefits for skin, they began collecting used grounds to handcraft their first skincare products. UpCircle was born.

Fast forward to today, UpCircle rescues over 20 ingredients from the waste stream, transforming them into premium skincare essentials. Their products showcase the unrealised potential in discarded materials and the art of sustainable innovation. UpCircle makes eco-luxury accessible to all, with an average product price under £30. 

This year, UpCircle achieved remarkable milestones, including the upcoming launch of their refillable perfume, made from four upcycled ingredients. They were also named a top 5 finalist for SKY TV’s awards, a pivotal moment to spread their message of “circular beauty” to mainstream audiences. 

Looking ahead, UpCircle aims to expand into new product categories and inspire sustainable living through their beauty recipes book. They are determined to make refills a global standard, recognizing the environmental and economic benefits. UpCircle’s vision is a future where sustainable beauty is a way of life, not just an option. 

Anna and Will Brightman have built a brand that challenges an industry, pioneering a new era of ethical beauty standards. As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, the “Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” they are recognized as leaders driving positive change.

To learn more about these inspiring entrepreneurs and UpCircle Beauty, visit UpCircle Beauty.