Join Oren Boder’s revolutionary journey from singing teacher to tech entrepreneur, as redefines vocal practice and earns a spot among the finalists at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023.

Oren Boder, an award-winning singing teacher, founded in 2023 to solve a problem he frequently observed in his students. After recording lessons, singers rarely did anything with the recordings, losing much of the value and forgetting much of what was taught.

Evita captures 100% of a singing lesson, analyzes the content, and provides singers targeted practice plans to train with laser focus. The platform is revolutionizing how singers develop their craft.

Boder’s inspiration for Evita came from a desire to leverage technology to enhance and extend the impact of singing lessons. Evita does just that by creating an AI-powered “virtual practice partner” for singers. The platform takes a recording of a lesson and breaks it into digestible steps, guiding singers through the most effective ways to practice.

Since launching, Evita has gained significant recognition. Boder has been asked to speak about the platform at two voice conferences, demonstrating the industry’s interest in adopting innovative new technologies to support vocal development.

Looking to the future, Boder aims to make Evita the number one practice platform for singers and musicians worldwide. The company is exploring funding options to scale the platform and bring it to more singers across the globe.

Oren Boder and Evita are finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, the UK’s most prestigious awards celebrating entrepreneurial excellence. The “Grammys of Entrepreneurship” take place on November 20th in London.

To learn more about this inspiring entrepreneur and Evita’s mission to supercharge vocal practice, visit Evita.