Seán Brickell’s Groovy Timber® is at the forefront of portable innovation, solving global problems with award-winning products, and now they’re finalists at the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Seán Brickell owns Groovy Timber®, a multi-award-winning business, revolutionising portable architecture and wood storage for homes and businesses.

In 2021, Seán founded Groovy Timber® to sell his patented home wood store, the Firewood Feeder®, after being inspired to solve a problem for his recently widowed mother. He then went on to design bespoke zero maintenance garden rooms. Both of these are sold all over the UK.

Groovy Timber® has gone on to win two business awards this year for both the business and its innovative products.

Their portable garden rooms are used for home offices, gyms, bedrooms and commercial office spaces. And the Firewood Feeder® is the world’s best outdoor wood store because, unlike every other log store, it automatically gives homeowners the best and safest wood to burn – every time. This is because it’s the only home wood store in the world that’s designed the right way round! 

Seán’s vision is to take his company’s products to an international market and use their expertise in portable architecture to provide safe, durable and easy to erect shelters for refugees around the world.

Through his entrepreneurial journey, Seán has shown determination, compassion and a commitment to solving problems through sustainable design and manufacturing.

As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Seán Brickell and Groovy Timber® have been recognized as some of the UK’s most inspiring entrepreneurs.

To learn more about these award-winning entrepreneurs and their innovative business, visit Groovy Timber®.