Catalyzing Change: Meet Simon Hassett, the visionary behind VapeGuardian, a pioneering company deterring and detecting vaping to safeguard young lives, recognized as a finalist at the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Simon Hassett is the founder of VapeGuardian, an innovative company manufacturing and supplying vape detection devices. Committed to bringing about change with regards to vaping and the risks it poses, especially to younger people, Simon started VapeGuardian in 2022 to both deter and detect vaping.

As a father of four, with his eldest daughter reaching an age where vaping is common among peers, Simon was inspired to take action. “Hopefully bringing about change surrounding e-cigarettes will have a positive effect on her life and millions of others’,” he says.

In just one year, VapeGuardian has achieved outstanding success. They currently supply over 250 schools across the UK and Ireland and sell into 11 countries worldwide. However, for Simon, this is just the beginning. “For VapeGuardian to become synonymous with healthier attitudes towards vaping,” is what he looks forward to most in the future.

Simon’s inspirational journey as an entrepreneur and the remarkable impact of VapeGuardian have led to his recognition as a finalist in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, known as “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship.” The awards take place on November 20th at London’s Grosvenor House.

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