Embark on a journey with the visionary trio of Rick Mayston, Beverley Mayston, and Jeffrey Barnes as they redefine multimedia innovation through Agent Fox Media, a dynamic platform uniting diverse creative avenues under a single brand identity.

Rick Mayston, Beverley Mayston and Jeffrey Barnes are the pioneering founders behind the innovative multimedia company Agent Fox Media Limited. Established in 2014, Agent Fox Media connects platforms as diverse as book publishing, live Q&As, gallery exhibitions, TV and film, apps and gaming under a single brand identity to generate multiple revenue streams and promotional opportunities.

The inspiration for Agent Fox Media came from Rick Mayston’s visionary ‘Beyond the Book’ initiative, created during his time as European Book Publishing Director for Getty Images. The company’s biggest achievement to date has been transforming award-winning photographer Michael Donald’s photographic collection into the official FIFA World Cup book ‘Goal!’, as well as licensing the collection for gallery exhibitions in London and Manchester. They promoted the work through radio, press and live Q&As, even selling one of six signed collections for £80,000.

Looking to the future, the founders plan to continue creating high-profile multimedia projects under a single brand identity. They have added live comedy shows in association with Jongleurs and music performances to their repertoire. They are also upgrading the interviews on their ‘In the Fox’s Den’ YouTube channel from Zoom calls, uploaded during lockdown, to live on-stage events.

The founders of Agent Fox Media, Rick Mayston, Beverley Mayston and Jeffrey Barnes, have been selected as finalists for the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, known as ‘The Grammys of Entrepreneurship’. The awards ceremony will be held at London’s Grosvenor House on November 20th.

To discover more about these multimedia mavens and their innovative company, visit www.agentfoxmedia.com.