Blending Science and Sustainability: Meet Ali and Zoe Wasfy, the dynamic duo behind Wild Science Lab, an award-winning British beauty brand fusing innovation, nature, and ethics to redefine the personal care industry, poised to make a mark at the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Ali and Zoe Wasfy are the pioneering founders behind Wild Science Lab, an award-winning British skincare and haircare brand on a mission to reshape the beauty industry. Launched in 2021, Wild Science Lab creates high-performance, natural products that promote health, wellness and environmental responsibility.

Ali Wasfy, with a background in healthcare, recognised the need for preventive skincare solutions that balanced innovation and sustainability. Alongside his partner Zoe, he founded Wild Science Lab to provide accessible, eco-friendly personal care products backed by rigorous research. At its core, Wild Science Lab believes in the power of science and nature to transform wellbeing. Guided by Ali’s medical expertise, the brand develops natural formulations targeting common skincare and haircare concerns.

In just two years, Wild Science Lab has celebrated remarkable success and international recognition. Doubling revenue in its first year, the brand’s dedication to quality and sustainability has earned over 50 industry awards and placement in publications like Vogue and Elle. As a proudly British company, Wild Science Lab supports local businesses and aims to expand globally. With a commitment to clean, vegan-certified ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, the brand stays true to its vision for ethical beauty.

Looking ahead, Wild Science Lab continues to push the boundaries of innovation. With new product lines and sustainable packaging on the horizon, the company expects sales to quadruple by 2024. At the forefront of the clean beauty movement, Ali and Zoe Wasfy prove that science and nature can co-exist to drive positive change.

The entrepreneurial journey of Ali and Zoe Wasfy and the meteoric rise of Wild Science Lab demonstrate the power of purpose and passion. As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, known as “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” this inspiring duo is poised to transform the future of beauty. To learn more about these visionary entrepreneurs and their award-winning brand, visit Wild Science Lab.