Lyfeguard: Revolutionizing Life and Legacy Management – Fraser and Gary Stewart’s Inspiring Journey to Empower Individuals and Advisors Through Innovative Fintech Solutions

Fraser Stewart and Gary Stewart are revolutionizing life and legacy management with their innovative fintech platform, Lyfeguard. Launched in 2021, Lyfeguard provides individuals and financial advisors with a secure solution for organizing essential information in one place.

The inspiration for Lyfeguard came from a deeply personal loss. When Gary was entrusted with closing a friend’s estate in 2021, he struggled for months to locate critical documents amidst the grief. He envisioned a platform to ease this process by centralizing vital records, enabling loved ones to navigate difficult times with clarity and peace of mind.

Recognizing that 52% of Britons find managing personal information overwhelming, Fraser and Gary tailored Lyfeguard to serve a wider need. By integrating financial accounts and providing reminders, Lyfeguard empowers people to regain control of their lives. For advisors, Lyfeguard means swift access to client information and the ability to provide comprehensive guidance.

Since launching, Lyfeguard has achieved remarkable success. They secured £300k in funding to build their platform and gained national media coverage, raising awareness of their mission. Forming partnerships with Farewill and Hometree, Lyfeguard created an ecosystem to fully support clients. They also earned certifications in data security, prioritizing privacy and trust.

The future is bright for Lyfeguard. They aim to innovate their platform, enhance user experience, and forge new strategic alliances. Open Finance will transform Lyfeguard into a financial hub, providing an unprecedented overview of accounts. While currently UK-based, Lyfeguard plans to expand globally and strengthen security against emerging cyber threats. User feedback will guide their progress, ensuring Lyfeguard remains the most user-centric platform in their field.

Fraser and Gary Stewart have built Lyfeguard into a pioneering company dedicated to empowering people with clarity and control over life’s complexities. As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, the “Grammys of Entrepreneurship,” they are recognized leaders transforming their industry. To learn more about these inspiring entrepreneurs and their important work, visit