Meet Ritu Kiran-Jackson, the visionary founder of Aubilities, on a mission to transform workplaces into inclusive spaces for neurodivergent individuals, celebrated as a finalist at the esteemed Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023.

Ritu Kiran-Jackson founded Aubilities, a neurodiversity digital consultancy, in 2020 with a vision to build a more inclusive future for her autistic son. After receiving her son’s diagnosis in 2018, Ritu embarked on an emotional journey to understand how to best support him in a world not designed for neurodivergent individuals. A near-death experience the following year led Ritu to find a deeper purpose: to advocate for the neurodiverse community through her work. 

Aubilities specializes in digital training, support and staffing services for companies seeking to improve neuroinclusion. Adopting a “digital-first” and “universal design” approach, Aubilities develops scalable, accessible solutions and resources for organizations around the globe. In just two years, Aubilities has partnered with some of the most well-known brands to provide neurodiversity education and build more inclusive work environments. 

Ritu’s vision and leadership have already garnered recognition from leading diversity awards and government bodies. Looking ahead, Ritu aims to continue evolving Aubilities’ digital platform and client base to spread neuroinclusion on an even greater scale.

Through her personal experiences as a parent and entrepreneur, Ritu Kiran-Jackson demonstrates the power of purpose and perseverance. As a finalist in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Ritu is an inspiration to neurodivergent individuals and advocates everywhere. The future is bright for this pioneering entrepreneur and the important work of Aubilities.

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