Sam Al-Mukhtar’s Geomiq is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with its online platform, connecting businesses to a global network of manufacturers for rapid and cost-effective product development.

Sam Al-Mukhtar is the pioneering founder of Geomiq, an online manufacturing platform launched in 2017 that is transforming how fast-moving engineering teams design and build physical products. As a seasoned mechanical engineer, Al-Mukhtar saw first-hand how outdated and inefficient traditional manufacturing processes had become. He founded Geomiq to revolutionize the manufacturing industry through digital solutions and help businesses take innovative products to market at record speed.

In just two years, Geomiq has achieved phenomenal success. The company recently raised £7 million in Series A funding led by AXA Venture Partners, fueling its mission to make online manufacturing the norm. “A $100 billion market where less than $1 billion is currently bought online is ripe for the picking,” says Al-Mukhtar.

Geomiq’s groundbreaking platform is the driving force behind its success. The platform seamlessly connects businesses to a global network of vetted manufacturers that can produce high-quality custom parts at competitive prices with rapid turnaround times. This allows engineering teams to design and build physical products faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Al-Mukhtar’s vision and perseverance have been instrumental in Geomiq’s success. His passion for using technology to solve real-world problems and push the boundaries of manufacturing has enabled countless businesses to build innovative products that improve lives.

As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Al-Mukhtar and the Geomiq team have been recognized as pioneers shaping the future of British business. To learn more about this inspiring entrepreneur and Geomiq’s transformative work, visit