Unleashing the power of makeup to redefine beauty norms, Millie Flemington-Clare’s Human Beauty is not just a cosmetics brand, but a transformative movement fostering inclusivity and empowerment.

Millie Flemington-Clare is redefining beauty through her inclusive cosmetics brand, Human Beauty. Diagnosed with the rare disease cystinosis at a young age, Flemington-Clare found solace in makeup during difficult times. She was inspired to launch Human Beauty in 2021 to challenge narrow beauty standards and make high-quality cosmetics accessible to all.

Through its innovative adaptive makeup products and disability-friendly designs, Human Beauty is revolutionizing the beauty industry. The brand’s Liquid ConfidenceTM Mascara features an omnidirectional wand suitable for diverse mobility needs, while the Makeup TherapyTM Colour Palette includes audio descriptions for visually impaired users. By championing disability representation and empowering self-acceptance, Human Beauty has established itself as a leader in adaptive beauty.

In just two years, Flemington-Clare’s vision and impact have gained widespread recognition. Human Beauty won Innovate UK’s inclusive innovations grant and secured a partnership with Superdrug. A successful debut at London Fashion Week demonstrated the brand’s influence in promoting inclusivity. Flemington-Clare has ambitious plans to grow Human Beauty into the premier adaptive cosmetics brand, alongside launching a not-for-profit foundation to provide transformative makeup experiences for underserved communities.

As finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, Flemington-Clare and her brand Human Beauty represent the pinnacle of entrepreneurial excellence and social impact. To learn more about this inspiring founder and her empowering company, visit https://humanbeauty.co.uk/. The future of beauty is inclusive, and Millie Flemington-Clare is leading the charge.