Join the Dad La Soul revolution with founder Dan Flanagan, as he pioneers a transformative movement, reshaping the narrative on fatherhood and providing vital support for dads across the UK, recognized as finalists in the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023.

Dan Flanagan is the founder of Dad La Soul, an award-winning social enterprise on a mission to support dads across the UK. Growing up with a single father in the 1980s, Dan saw first-hand the lack of support available for dads struggling with parenting and life’s challenges. Decades later, when Dan became a father himself, he realised little had changed. This inspired his vision for Dad La Soul – to pioneer a movement reshaping how dads’ stories and struggles are seen, heard and supported.

In just six years, Dan and his team have invested over 10,000 hours partnering with innovators across sectors to drive real change from within. The result is over 60 hours of expert-led content, 250 events reaching 10,000+ people, and a social impact spanning the UK, US, New Zealand, Czech Republic and beyond. With 100 babies born every hour and 84 men under 45 lost to suicide each week, Dad La Soul is tackling these sobering statistics head-on, determined to build a future where dads get the support they need.

The impact of Dad La Soul’s work is undeniable. 91% of dads attending their events feel less isolated, 90% make new friends, and 98% would recommend them to others. Looking ahead, Dan envisions a thriving global Dad La Soul community where dads have a safe space to share their stories, find help, and build meaningful connections.

This November, Dan Flanagan and Dad La Soul have been named finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, the UK’s most prestigious entrepreneurship awards. Their place as finalists is a testament to the revolutionary work Dan and his team are doing to support dads in need and shape a new narrative on fatherhood. To learn more about Dan Flanagan and Dad La Soul’s inspiring story, visit