Bwthyn, the creators of enchanting fragrances inspired by Wales, embark on a journey to capture the essence of their homeland, earning them a spot as finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Ruth and Alun, co-founders of Bwthyn, embarked on an extraordinary journey to share the magic of Wales with the world. Enchanted by the untold stories and mystical essence of their homeland, they sought to capture its wonders through evocative fragrances and sensory experiences. In 2021, Bwthyn was born – a tribute to the beauty and heritage of Wales. 

At the heart of Bwthyn lies a vision to craft scents that transcend the ordinary, transporting individuals to realms of imagination and history. Each carefully curated fragrance weaves a rich tapestry of Wales’ captivating narratives, from bygone eras to breath-taking landscapes. Through innovative ideas, Bwthyn elevates this experience, igniting a sense of wonder and nostalgia. Their commitment to sustainability has earned prestigious awards, reducing waste and inspiring eco-conscious choices.

Fuelled by passion and dedication, Bwthyn has blossomed into a beacon of creativity and innovation. Their fragrances, infused with tales of Wales, have enchanted hearts worldwide, sparking appreciation for the country’s mysticism. But beyond accolades, Bwthyn measures success through the joy brought to customers, forging lasting connections with each journey.  

As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Bwthyn looks to the future with boundless potential. Envisioning a world united through fragrance-infused tales of Wales, Bwthyn will revolutionise engagement with augmented reality. Collaborations will expand their reach, elevating them to new heights of success. Embracing sustainability, they shall remain steadfast in their mission to inspire a greener future. The best is yet to come for Bwthyn, as they forge ahead to craft a brighter tomorrow.

Through courage, creativity and passion, Ruth and Alun have built an enchanting journey, eager to leave an indelible mark on the world. To learn more about these inspiring entrepreneurs and Bwthyn, visit