Championing a world free from child labour, Eleanor Harry’s HACE disrupts the fight against exploitation with AI-powered insights and an innovative Child Labour Index, transforming global supply chains and inspiring a brighter future for vulnerable communities.

Eleanor Harry is the visionary founder of HACE, an AI-powered platform pioneering the global fight against child labour. Launched in 2020, HACE’s mission is to use data and AI to help companies understand the risk of child labour in their supply chains and investors to monitor the risk of child labour in their portfolios and funds.

Eleanor spent over a decade working to combat child labour through small-scale projects before realizing that to truly tackle this issue at scale, a standardized and technology-driven approach was needed. Despite having no technical background, Eleanor devoted months to studying and building a team to help develop HACE’s innovative Child Labour Index. This ground-breaking tool provides the world’s only quantitative, AI-powered metric for measuring company and group-level risk of child labour, enabling investors and companies to gain transparency into this complex issue.

Thanks to Eleanor’s perseverance and vision, HACE has already achieved remarkable success. They will begin piloting their Child Labour Index with their first client in 2023 and have been recognized as a top 5 global SME working against modern slavery by Thomson Reuters. Eleanor herself has been named FDM everywoman in Tech’s Woman of the Year 2022 and listed as one of Computer Weekly’s Most Influential Women in UK Tech 2022.

HACE’s ambitious goal is to sustainably eliminate child labour from supply chains worldwide while remediating affected communities. With the Child Labour Index, HACE aims to highlight and address areas of child labour previously unseen. They aim to score every publicly listed company in the world, taking their platform global.

Eleanor Harry and HACE are finalists for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, a prestigious program recognizing the UK’s most innovative entrepreneurs. The “Grammys of Entrepreneurship” will be held on November 20th at London’s Grosvenor House.

To learn more about Eleanor Harry and HACE’s inspiring mission to end child labour through technology and innovation, visit HACE. Together, they are pioneering real change on a global scale.