Naturally Talented Me, founded by Nikki Mears and Nick Boothroyd, is a transformative platform unlocking hidden talents and changing lives, earning them a spot as finalists at the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023.

By unlocking hidden talents, Nikki Mears and Nick Boothroyd are forging a path to success for those struggling to find work. The founders of Naturally Talented Me (NTM) have built an innovative platform that helps people discover their unique strengths and match them to careers they never thought possible; in part by unlocking the talents associated with an individual’s hobbies and interests.

Launched in 2020, NTM was born out of Nikki and Nick’s shared belief that too many talented individuals remain undiscovered due to a flawed recruitment process focused on keywords and qualifications. Their solution? A multimedia talent assessment tool that looks beyond CVs to reveal candidates’ true potential – regardless of their background, circumstance or label.

NTM’s biggest achievement has been securing contracts with regional councils aiming to harness its data-driven insights. The company’s “See-Me” profiles help clients better understand people’s talents and barriers to work, allowing for targeted interventions. An early win was launching a “Lite” version for primary schools, building children’s confidence in their abilities and helping them explore future career options.

The startup’s ambitions are as bold as its mission. NTM seeks to become a UK-wide solution providing a holistic view of regional talent landscapes to inform policies and funding. Discussions are underway to raise investment for expanding its platform to provide localized data on talent distribution, career matches, and roadblocks to employment.

Nikki and Nick’s goal is a future where everyone can achieve their potential. Through NTM, people gain awareness of their talents and access to training for high-demand jobs. The platform is changing mindsets, lives, and communities by helping the overlooked and underestimated see new possibilities.

Finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Nikki and Nick are being recognized as leaders of change. Their work through NTM is opening doors for people to build fruitful careers and successful lives. To learn more about these inspiring entrepreneurs and their important mission, visit