From a local sports enthusiast to a visionary entrepreneur, follow Charlie Hiscox’s extraordinary journey as he transforms uSports into a powerhouse of sports coaching, setting a new standard for passion-driven success in the UK.

Charlie Hiscox founded uSports in 2017 with a vision to become the largest sports coaching company in the UK. Charlie has always had a passion for both sports and business, so uSports allowed him to combine these interests to help improve the quality of sports coaching in his local community.

In just six years, Charlie has built uSports into a team of nearly 100 staff delivering coaching across schools, holiday camps, evening classes and birthday parties. This meteoric rise and ability to scale the business so quickly is a testament to Hiscox’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership.

Charlie’s biggest achievement to date has been developing a sustainable business model and partner programme that is allowing uSports to expand rapidly across the UK. With partners already in two major towns and Charlie’s ambition to have a partner in every major city and town across the South of England in the coming years, uSports is poised for huge growth.

Charlie’s inspiring journey from local start-up to major player in the sports coaching industry in a few short years shows what can be achieved with vision, passion and determination. As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, the ‘Grammys of Entrepreneurship’, Charlie and the uSports team have proven themselves as entrepreneurs to watch.

To learn more about Charlie and uSports’ inspiring story, visit The future looks very bright for this ambitious, purpose-driven business.