Stravaig Spirits, helmed by Ola Lopatowska and Ryan McCafferty, is rewriting the whisky narrative, achieving awards and acclaim in the world of premium single malt Scotch whiskies, and earning them a well-deserved spot as finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023.

Ola Lopatowska and Ryan McCafferty are the co-founders of Stravaig Spirits, an independent bottler of premium single malt Scotch whiskies. Stravaig Spirits launched in 2021 with a mission to provide an open, honest and simple way for whisky enthusiasts to access high-quality single malts.

In just two short years, Lopatowska and McCafferty have achieved tremendous success. Their inaugural release, Tri Carragh Single Malt Whisky, won two awards at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition 2023. They also developed and launched Glenlaird Single Malt Whisky exclusively for the South Korean market, with an initial order of 12,000 bottles.

Looking to the future, Lopatowska and McCafferty aim to continue expanding both the Tri Carragh and Glenlaird brands in the UK and internationally. They also hope to support other entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams of creating their own single malt whisky brands.

Lopatowska and McCafferty’s shared passion for whisky and entrepreneurial spirit have fueled Stravaig Spirits’ impressive rise. Their innovative approach to whisky bottling and distribution is disrupting the industry in exciting ways. It’s no wonder they have been named finalists in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, known as “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship.”

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